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"Andy Shetterly was a Godsend for a few chronic pains in my hips, calves and IT band prior to my attempt at running the Western States 100 mile Endurance Run. My first visit he isolated areas that needed work, worked on them and then videoed stretches for me to do in between visits. I just attributed the soreness to the amount I was training. Andy was able to massage out muscles that had been sore for months by working out the knots that had formed. Three sessions and I successfully ran the WSER. I will see him when I get back to work on residual soreness but even after running 100 miles with over 40,000 ft. of total elevation change, my hips have NO soreness."

- Jack Corey

"Although not at Peak Performance, Andy worked wonders on my lower back that had me hurting in a very bad way several years ago while we were airline coworkers. A couple of sessions of trigger point massage and some infrared sauna and I was able to fly again! Andy, thank you again, many years later. Just wish you were here in South Louisiana to help my wife who is in desperate need of your skill!"

- Larry Swearingen

"Andy, thank you for helping me get to the Championship Finals and also to win it."

- Terrance Jones, 2012 NCAA Basketball Champion

"Andy Shetterly - whom I affectionately refer to as ‘Mr. Miyagi’ - has helped to keep me training and racing at my highest level. I've had a couple injuries that he has helped me overcome, including with my foot and knee. I've bounced back and am running the healthiest of my life. Andy’s attitude and insight are the best!"

- Harvey Lewis

"Andy was on my crew at Badwater, and his expertise had a major impact on my race. His ability to diagnose and treat potential issues early really helped me keep moving forward. And the day after the race I was walking around surprisingly well. Thanks, Andy. You made a huge difference."

- Iain Hughes

"Andy scheduled me in at the last minute a week or so before my 10-hour race. I was having major groin and hip pain. The work he did helped me finish my race as the first-place female and third overall out of 194 people; then he fixed me back up after my race, too."

- Michelle Barton

"Andy is awesome. I came to him with multiple issues and one by one he has worked hard to make them go away. I'm not a passive observer either! We work as a team and it's really terrific. I've recommended him to lots of folks. His goal is to make you better not to keep you coming back (although that's nice too!)"

- Linda Goldehar

"I suffer from chronic back and hip pain after a lifetime of playing a variety of sports. Andy has helped me tremendously. His technique has brought me great relief and also peace of mind. Not only does Andy relieve my symptoms, he is genuinely compassionate and committed to helping me with ongoing maintenance. His trigger point therapy is unlike any other treatment I have ever received and it truly makes a difference in decreasing my pain and increasing my mobility. I would recommend Andy to anyone who suffers from chronic pain - especially those who have not found relief with other therapies"

- Becky

"I'm a 56 year old guy who can't stay still. I train in a martial art called Aikido and play basketball regularly. I was experiencing significant pain in my piriformis, sciatic nerve, hip flexor area. Traditional physical therapy wasn't working. I found Peak Performance when I Googled Active Release Therapy. After 3 sessions I was back to normal. Treatments were pretty intense. Leg was rotated/manipulated while Andy applied pressure to various muscle "trigger points". I cannot recommend Andy Shetterly high enough. I'm sure I'll need him again at some point"

- Gary McIntosh

"Twenty-five years ago I began having pain and lack of mobility in my neck, along with suffering with severe headache pain. After many therapy sessions through the years, they continued to worsen. Then, I was fortunate to find Andy Shetterly at Peak Performance. Since he has been caring for me, not only has the pain lessened and mobility improved, my whole body feels younger. At the age of 83, that is a blessing"

- Jean S

"Thanks for all your help over the past couple of years. After years of weightlifting and tension from upper back muscles are always in constant pain and tense. I have been to several PT sessions and doctors to no avail. Thanks to your techniques...I always feel 100% better after each session. Thanks again for all the help!"

- Jason S

"I have been running for 21 years now. As you can imagine I have had my share of injuries (plus!) and as a result, I have been to a dozen different therapists over time. I can say hands down that Andy has helped me the most by far. I was referred to Andy by a friend of mine in the Bob Roncker's training group. It was about 2 weeks before the Chicago marathon this past fall and I was having some pretty severe IT band issues. I was uncertain that I would be able to finish the marathon let alone get my goal (sub 3:10). After seeing him just ONCE, my IT band was 90% better!"

- Kerry L

"When I was training for the Boston Marathon, I had IT-band syndrome and couldn't run 100 yards the 4 weeks prior to the marathon. But since I qualified and had purchased my ticket I was going anyway. 3 days before the race, I found Andy - by chance - in the phone book. And he worked on my leg for 1+ hours and I then was able to run 26 miles. It wasn't pretty, but when I couldn't run 100 yards 3 days earlier, I was happy."

- Colleen D

"July 18 through august 15th I attended the AFROTC basic training program. For the first two weeks we were in garrison and then we spent two days at a combat obstacle course. This course included various obstacles such as the low crawl and high crawl with the dummy rifles all the way to hurtling over small wooden walls and traversing through monkey bars. This is where my injury occurred. By the time our flight got around to the monkey bars we were tired and the monkey bars were extremely slippery with sweat. About halfway through I missed the next bar with my left hand but continued to hold on with my right which resulted in all my bodyweight pulling on my shoulder. At first the pain was minimal but became worse throughout the next two weeks of training which included combatives courses and ramped up PT sessions. Upon my return from training the pain had mostly subsided however it returned when I attempted to throw a softball as hard as possible. I waited another month determined that the pain would go away and I would be fine, however it had become much worse. My shoulder hurt regularly throughout the day and any activity including my right arm was becoming a nuisance. I went to see the doctor who informed me that I had strained my rotator cuff and without physical and muscular therapy it would not get better. With just three visits to Andy the pain had subsided and my range of motion completely returned."

- Evan S

"As I was training for the Memphis Marathon in 2009, I hired Andy based on strong recommendations from other friends who utilized him. Andy helped me with my stretching and improve my flexibility. Originally planned as preventative maintenance, his work with me has become an integral part of my training. I continue to utilize him for all of my endurance events, including marathons and triathlons. His knowledge of A.R.T. is superior to anyone else I know and I highly recommend Andy to anyone looking for preventative maintenance or to recover from an existing injury. If it was not for Andy, I don’t believe I would have earned a P.R. and Boston qualifying time at Memphis. Thanks again Andy!"

- Charlie E

"Fifteen years ago I broke both bones in my right leg at the boot top in a terrible rollerblading accident. The doctor recommended against surgery to correct the spiral fracture and I was put into a cast. Nine months after the break the doctor declared my leg .healed.. About four years ago I began having pain in my right hip and problems with my neck, especially on the left side. My quality of life diminished each week and I became more and more limited in what I could do. After spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours with various doctors and physical therapists, I was finally diagnosed as having myofascial pain syndrome. About a year ago a trainer in my home state of Arizona discovered the root cause of my problems: My right leg had healed improperly and was 9mm shorter than the left leg. I had been effectively running around with one shoe on and one shoe off for fourteen years which created muscle tightness and dysfunction from my ankle all the way up to my neck.

Although I began getting relief from the pain within a few months after getting the necessary height adjustment and starting a good stretching program, I was still unable to resume swimming or playing golf without considerable pain. In short, as long as I did nothing other than light stretching, I was out of pain about 80% of the time. I felt stuck and it seemed like I was not making any progress. This was not acceptable, and I was determined to get back to regular activities free of pain.

Two months ago my brother who lives in Cincinnati was scheduled for neck surgery for a bulging disc at C5-C6. He was in such terrific pain that he was practically unable to move. In an attempt to avoid surgery my brother found Andy Shetterly and paid him a visit. Long story short, my brother never did have the surgery and is practically back to normal, including some limited rock climbing. When hearing this story I contacted Andy and flew from Arizona to Cincinnati to see him.

I spent five days (three hours each day) working with Andy. What a godsend. Andy further refined the nature of my dysfunction and identified muscles in my right calf and ankle that were stuck, atrophying and dysfunctional which led me to walk in a way (even with the corrective orthotic and height adjustment) that was continuing the pattern of pain.

Although I still have a ways to go to get where I want to be, I made more progress in one week with Andy than I had in the previous year. Yesterday I went golfing with my son for the first time in two years and I have started light swimming again for additional exercise. It was sure worth it to travel half way across the country to see Andy. Thank you."

- Ross C

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