Specialty Assessments

During the initial specialty assessment, my goal is to ascertain which of your muscles are overactive, and therefore need to be stretched or inhibited, and which muscles are inactive, and therefore need to be activated or strengthened. In doing so, I will locate and release your key Trigger Points (unhealthy muscle tissue) and Adhesions (scar tissue). When your normal gait or movement patterns are affected by your pain, this causes compensation patterns which often seem inconsequential at first, but if left unaddressed, can ultimately result in injury and severe joint deterioration.

Our goal is to establish and implement an effective and individualized therapy plan so all of your muscles achieve the proper length-tension relationship, ultimately ridding your body of pain. I will perform two specific assessments and we will discuss injury prevention during your initial visit.

Overhead Squat Assessment

The National Academy of Sports Therapy advocates using the Overhead Squat Assessment, which assesses any muscular imbalances, lack of flexibility or joint dysfunctions, as well as displaying compensation patterns which provide clues as to the actual origination of your discomfort or injury.

Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

Especially effective for those clients with preexisting musculoskeletal pain, this orthopedic assessment is an advanced movement pattern analysis which systematically pinpoints not only your muscular and fascial restrictions, but also any compensation patterns your body has developed as a result of your pain. My goal is to diagnose any mobility, stability or motor control problems, to identify the underlying source.

Injury Prevention

We will discuss and I will provide videos of exercises you can perform at home to prevent further damage to your muscle tissue. Also, feel free to bring your spouse or significant other to the session so they can learn how to help with specific injury prevention.