Optimum Athletic Performance (AOP)

From Major League All Stars to All Pro NFL players to elite, internationally recognized ultrarunners, I enjoy helping athletes from all sports attain their optimum performance level. Whether you need help with recovering from a particular injury or you come to me in conjunction with post-op physical therapy, whether you are a recreational or endurance athlete, whether you are seeking help with your golf swing or your jump shot or walking around the block, I will do my best to allow you to do yours. I will respect your training, and strive to keep you healthy and free from injury.

While working with the University of Kentucky Wildcats during the 2012 NCAA basketball championship, the players quickly learned the difference my work made in their ability to excel on the court, their recovery between games and their overall speed and agility. The coaches made sure I saw every player, even flying me in a day early during a particular harried travel and conference schedule.

  • Flexibility
  • Previous Injury History