Peak Performance Sports Therapy FAQs

What injuries or illnesses are best treated with these therapies?

For specific manual Therapeutic Techniques and examples of how each technique is especially effective, please refer to the explanations of the individual therapies. I can successfully treat each of the following injuries or pain symptoms, including (but not limited to):

Back Strain and Pain
Calf Strain/Pull
Frozen Shoulder
Gluteus Pain
Groin Pull/Strain
Hamstring Pull and Strain
Headache Pain

Hip Flexor Strain
IT Band Syndrome
Jaw Pain
Nerve-related Pain
Neck Pain
Piriformis Syndrome
Plantar Fasciitis

Pre-& Post-Surgery Therapy
Repetitive Injury Syndrome, incl. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Rotator Cuff Strain
Shin Splints
Temporal Mandible Dysfunction (TMD)
Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ)
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Pain & Injury Chart

What can I expect from my initial session?

Please refer to the Initial Client Assessment information regarding not only how to prepare for your first appointment, but also what to expect during and after the initial assessment.

Will my insurance cover this treatment?

Peak Performance Sports Therapy will provide you with a detailed receipt for you to submit to your insurance company, as we do not bill directly to insurance companies. Please check with your insurance company to determine if massage therapy is covered and under what conditions. Often, clients are able to apply Flexible Spending Account (FSA) dollars towards their therapy. To be reimbursed, clients will likely need a prescription from your primary medical provider recommending medical massage and Active Release Technique (ART), which will also eliminate the state sales tax. Also, most people receive coverage if your injury or pain is a result of an auto accident, so please check with your insurance company.

What does it cost?

Please refer to the pricing page for explanation of costs.

Also, I am happy to provide corporate therapy sessions and will discuss special pricing with you for corporate or other on-site work. Please contact me directly by phone at 859-802-0448.

For clients who schedule and purchase five or more one-hour sessions upfront, you will receive $25 off the total cost.

Can I use my Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?

Your Human Resources (HR) department will be able to tell you if you can use your Flexible Spending Account dollars toward massage therapy. If so, I will provide you with a detailed invoice for you to submit for reimbursement.

Why choose Peak Performance Sports Therapy?

Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, a recreational golfer, or recovering from surgery, you deserve a life free of pain and discomfort. I am the only professional in the Tri-State area who is full body certified in Active Release Techniques, as well as a certified Neuromuscular Therapist, and a certified Active Isolated Stretching Therapist; I will use my knowledge and abilities to identify the sources of your pain, and relieve it. At Peak Performance Sports Therapy, I appreciate and respect you as an individual, and I know your time and money are valuable. Plus, I guarantee my work. You will receive the most comprehensive and beneficial therapy at Peak Performance Sports Therapy.

Is a referral required from either an MD or a Chiropractor?

A note or script that “recommends massage and/or physical therapy” will save you the 7.8% Sales Tax. The note doesn’t have to be written to address a specific injury or pain; it is just a general statement to work with Peak Performance Sports Therapy, which works excellently.

Please let us know if you’d like Peak Performance Sports Therapy to provide occasional progress updates to your referring physician or chiropractor. Maintaining open lines of communication can help to facilitate a team approach, with the sole intent to help you feel your absolute best as soon as possible 

Does healthcare insurance cover PPST for sessions?

Healthcare insurance typically does not cover the costs of massage therapy, physical therapy, or regenerative devices. However, you can often use FSA or HSA dollars to cover these expenses.

Our goal is to optimize your well-being efficiently, ensuring that a small investment in your health yields significant returns. By choosing our services, you’ll experience the best version of yourself at a fraction of the cost you may have already spent on ineffective solutions. Avoid the path of uncertainty and theories without effective remedies.

At Peak Performance Sports Therapy, we provide the most direct path to healing and pain relief while saving you money. Rest assured that we will effectively address and solve your problem.

How long will it take for me to start experiencing the benefits of working with PPST?

Regardless of the duration or intensity of your pain or injury, our comprehensive therapeutic approach ensures that you will soon experience the positive benefits of working with us, even after your first session.  

You may have visited many different healthcare providers and professionals trying to understand your ache, pain, or injury, and you still need to get closer to having your problem effectively treated.

At Peak Performance Sports Therapy, even during your first session, you will know that you are in the right place, to help you break your cycle of pain and to accelerate your healing process.

Are the therapy and treatment costs at PPST high?

We provide unparalleled value with our top-notch manual therapy, physical therapy, and Regenerative healing devices. Our offerings are among the most exclusive and effective available anywhere in the United States, ensuring exceptional results at a fraction of the cost. 

For example, very few clinics in Cincinnati offer even Radial Shockwave, with a standard cost of between $200 and $300, for less than 10 minutes of work.  

At Peak Performance Sports Therapy, the value of the work we do, including expert manual therapy or physical therapy, when combined with Radial and Focused Shockwave together, could easily be well over $400, if you combined expert manual therapy or physical therapy that we offer, with some of the Regenerative healing devices that we can integrate to your therapy, such as Radial and Focused Shockwave, Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy, so that you can feel better, faster.

You will not find more effective therapy or valuable treatment, than the work you will experience at Peak Performance Sports Therapy.

What should you anticipate during the Initial Session?

After your initial session, you may experience muscle soreness for a couple of days. This is a positive sign that your muscles are responding to the treatment and progressing. The good news is that subsequent sessions at Peak Performance Sports Therapy will be customized to maximize therapeutic benefits and minimize discomfort.

With each session, you’ll notice a reduction in discomfort, eventually leading to a pain-free existence. Our tailored treatments target trigger points and adhesions, eliminating toxins, improving circulation, and promoting healing. Say goodbye to lingering discomfort and imagine a life with less or no pain.

Join us on the journey to a pain-free existence at Peak Performance Sports Therapy. Our expert team is here to support you every step of the way.

Does PPST collaborate with other medical professionals?

At Peak Performance Sports Therapy, we are committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients. Whether it’s before, during, or after procedures, our focus is on ensuring optimal outcomes. With our extensive network of esteemed sports medicine professionals, orthopedic surgeons, and expert physicians specializing in cutting-edge orthobiologics like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell treatments, you can trust that you are in good hands.

We understand the importance of timely access to top-notch medical care. 

We prioritize expedited appointments, with most available within 12 hours. Highly trained physicians provide invaluable insights and offer peace of mind, as they truly understand your specific needs.

In addition to orthobiologics, such as PRP and Stem Cell treatments, we believe in a holistic approach to sports therapy. That’s why we emphasize incorporating Shockwave Therapy or MLS M6 Laser sessions. 

This comprehensive strategy ensures optimal outcomes for our esteemed clients, regardless of whether these sessions are administered before, during, or after the procedures as mentioned earlier.

At Peak Performance Sports Therapy, we are dedicated to delivering the best in sports therapy. Book your appointment today and experience the difference!

Additionally, we work closely we many outstanding chiropractor’s and physical therapists, ensuring that you get the optimum care you need , to feel your best.

IMPORTANT!  The information provided on this website is purely for informational purposes and should not be construed as medical advice. Please note that the Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the statements made on this website. The content herein is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

I’ve consulted numerous healthcare providers and diligently adhered to their treatment protocols and plans, yet I have yet to find the relief I’ve been desperately seeking. What sets PPST apart? Why should I opt for PPST?

Our sole objective is to assist you in finding the relief you desire. We are dedicated to collaborating with you to create and execute a personalized treatment plan that effectively targets the root causes of your pain, discomfort, or limitations.

You can expect substantial relief by identifying and skillfully targeting key trigger points and adhesions, which may be responsible for a significant portion of your pain, if not the majority.

We will integrate advanced manual therapy, physical therapy, and Regenerative healing devices of Radial and Focused Shockwave, EMTT, and the MLS M6 Laser to provide you with the most effective healing system available today. 

Suppose you have one session that integrates everything we have to help accelerate your healing journey, and you explain that you have already experienced the expansive therapy we offer. In that case, your first session is at no charge.

Please click here to Schedule an Initial Session or text us at 513-813-0780 so we can schedule a free phone consultation. We can typically arrange to call you back within 24 hours. Please be sure to leave your name, what you want to focus on, and the best time to reach you.