Fee Schedule, Cancelation, and Hours of Operation

It is my goal to help you achieve your goal of less pain or discomfort and reach your peak level of performance.

7% Sales Tax

To avoid the 7% Ohio Sales Tax, please get a referral note from your Physician, Dentist or Chiropractor, recommending Active Release Techniques (ART) and massage therapy. If your physician has any questions or recommendations, please have them contact me directly to ensure you get the most effective therapy possible.

Fee Schedule  
15 minutes $40
30 minutes $65
45 minutes $95
60 minutes $120
90 minutes $170

Cancelation Policy

Ideally, please text me directly to cancel or via computer by on-line scheduler, within 24 hours of your appointment or you will be charged a portion of the scheduled session.

Cancelation fees:

30 minute session - $50
60 minute session - $90
90 minute session - $120

My Guarantee: You will never pay for a therapeutic session, if you don’t believe that your pain or discomfort was not expertly addressed, within my scope of practice, or that you were not treated with the care or respect that you deserve.

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