Abby Stevens, LMT

Abby Stevens, Peak Performance Sports Therapy
Abby Stevens, LMT

Abby Stevens is a graduate of the Cincinnati School of Medical Massage. She trained with two experienced therapist who were skilled in myofascial release and functional stretching techniques. In her practice, she has worked with Bengals players, UFC players, and a variety of college athletes.

Through grade school and high school, Abby was an avid soccer player and, as a goalkeeper, she experienced several injuries that caused recurring pain long after the injuries were deemed “healed.” She became very interested in helping herself and others in her life find real, true, and lasting healing and pain relief. She first turned to massage therapy. She found much relief for her own injuries and realized it was something she could learn and thus provide the relief she had found to others.

Her learning process is currently focused on the importance of the mind body connection. To that end she is studying MAT, ART and RTT therapy, as well as Myofascial Release Techniques and functional stretching.

She is a pet lover and fosters animals in need. She is interested in holistic and homeopathic alternative therapies.